Our Robot

2017 Robot | “Lance” Mark VIII
This year’s robot is designed to pick up gears off of the playing field and deliver them to the pilot on the airship in the middle of the field. In addition, our robot will climb the rope to get aboard the airship within the last seconds of the match.



2016 Robot | “Lance” Mark VII
Last year’s robot was designed to navigate around obstacles that are interchangeable within the field of play. In addition, it launched balls up to the enemy tower to weaken their defenses. At the end of the match, it was able to scale the enemy tower to capture it in the last twenty seconds of the game.



2015 Robot | “Lance” Mark VI
Two years ago, our robot was designed to pick up totes and a garbage can. The robot could receive totes from the human player or pick them up from the playing field in order to create a stack. Once the totes were stacked, the garbage can could be placed on top to score additional points.