• CAD/Design



This team is responsible for creating the entire robot in Inventor. Each part file will need to be on a sheet and given to the tool room for creation. They are responsible for the design and construction of the “game-specific” components. These systems may include mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and other systems to achieve the goal of the current year’s game.

Tool Room

This team will be responsible for machining parts design by other sub-teams. They will not take part in the designing of the robot, only the manufacturing of its individual parts. They will be trained to use the milling machine, lathe, and other related tools.


This team will work with other sub teams to implement the electronics of the robot. They are responsible for all the wiring and the function of all electronic components including, but not limited to, switches, sensors, motors, and controllers. This team will write and design the program that will carry out the different functions the robot must perform. This team will determine how the robot functions as well as the autonomous mode. Basic knowledge of computers and a willingness to learn the programming language are a must.


  • Awards:

This team’s responsibility is to organize and submit materials required for the Chairman’s, Dean’s List, Woodie Flowers, and any other applicable awards. This will include, but not necessarily be limited to essays, video, and a presentation.

  • Website Team:

This team is responsible for keeping the website constantly updated with the team’s current activities. This will include the design of the site, uploading pictures and video, maintaining forums, and updating event calendar.

  • Photographer:

This person will be responsible for taking pictures and video of the team during events, build days, community service, and fundraisers. This person will work with the website team to keep the site updated with current team media.

  • Fundraising:

This team will brainstorm and organize all fundraising events and maintain relationships with potential sponsors. They will need to constantly seek out new opportunities and measure the success of past events.

  • Graphic Design:

This team will design all graphics for the team’s promotional materials. These could include banners, t-shirts, buttons, brochures, and electronic media.

Pit Crew

Selected from members of other sub teams, the pit crew is a team that will prepare for robot appearances and competitive events. Team members will be responsible for battery management, repairs, adjustments, and communication with the drive and scouting teams.


The scouting team will be responsible for gathering information about other team’s robots at the different competitions. The team will use this information to develop strategies and aid in the alliance selection process.

Drive Team

Selected from members of other sub teams, the drive team will operate the robot during competitive events. Members will include: driver, co-driver, human player, and coach. This is the sub team that represents Eas Irondequoit on the game field. Drive Team is selected based on the following criteria:

1. Team Leadership

2. Points (attendance)

3. Results of driving qualifier test


  • Check message boards and share rules changes with team
  • Monitor safety at B&L and competitions
  • Prepare for safety interview at regional competition