Stepping it up a notch!

Historically, every FIRST Robotics competition has included an “autonomous” period where tcamera2eams can rack-up bonus points if the robot is designed to function without assistance from its human drivers.  A key to success in the autonomous period is the successful incorporation of a vision system into the control systems of the robot.  This is a key that Team 3157 has not yet tackled… Until this year.   

Team 3157 will be using a new video camera this year. We plan to use one of the ONVIF compatible IP cameras with our software to explore the world of vision code, test autonomous sequences and teleoperated-mode game piece and field element detection systems. We chose our particular camera because its ONVIF compatibility allows use of RTSP streaming that enables the video feed to be fetched using a simple URL with any open source software.

We will also be using the same camera to record the robot build process and competition seasons to share our experiences with future team members. If you’re a teacher or student and are interested in a good list of robotics related websites, give this page a read.